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Sound Therapy

James has started opening his vocal cords at the age of 5 and was a natural born singer and a sound therapist. His vocal ranges from different tonal pitches. He always believes with his gifts; that there would be good causes in his life awaiting for him fulfill.

Dolphin's projected Sonic vibration"

True as it is, his destiny has finally set in - tuning his vocal to become an instrument of healing.

He has made psychological and scientific studies on how sound made from voice or music can act as therapeutic tool for healing emotional & physical illnesses. For thousands of years, cultures throughout our world have recognized that sonic vibrations influence states of consciousness and the physical body.   Recorded history documents that ancient cultures used music, rhythmic drumming and singing are used as a means of restoring or maintaining physical and emotional well-being.

Sound waves are seen as a primary means of restoring the necessary balance or harmony within the self, a way to reestablish a healthy resonance. Interestingly, the term "resonate" literally means "return to sound".   Tones and sounds used to return the body to its natural sound, its natural resonant frequency.

On a purely physiological level, harmonics can be an extraordinary tool for enhanced meditation and relaxation, which naturally helps reduce stress, one of the primary causes of imbalances and disease. The therapeutic affects of relaxation and meditation include lowered heart rate, respiration, and brain wave activity, which seems to alleviate many different medical problems including heart disease, stroke and imbalances of the immunological system response.

On a subtler level, when we learn about harmonics and consciously gain the ability to hear them and create them, we open to a whole new level of sound. We can resonate portions of the body and perhaps the brain that have never been stimulated in the matter before. We make new connections in ourselves, to ourselves, and to others. Scientists such as Dr. Tomatis believes that high frequency sounds charge and energize the brain. Along with this, it may be possible that vocal harmonics actually vibrate portions of the brain and may create new neurological connections. What an exciting concept! It may be that the ancient traditions that have utilized harmonics as transformational tools for countless centuries actually had an intuitive understanding of this and we are just now beginning to explore these concepts in the light of science.

Through sound and particularly harmonics, we can learn to operate effectively at higher vibrational levels. This may take the form of enhanced meditation, new neurological connections and processes, physical resonance or something else all together - the changing of our vibratory fields. As we progress in our knowledge of science and spirituality we may find that this concept of changing our vibrational rates is the "key to transformation". Keeping up with shifts in the personal and planetary vibrations will become more and more important and necessary for our well-being in these times. And sound, particularly harmonics, may be the most effective tool we have yet to find for this process.

Every organ, bone, tissue and other part of the body is believed to give off frequency. When we are in a state of perfect health, we are like this wonderful orchestra that is performing a piece that is a "Suite of the Self." However, if some portion of the body becomes out of alignment and begins to vibrate differently, this is perceived as a disease. If we continue our analogy, it is as though the third violinist has lost their sheet music and is playing out of harmony and out of rhythm. If we were somehow able to find the proper vibratory resonance, and cause that which was vibrating out of alignment to begin to vibrate to its correct frequency, a state of health could be restored. It would be like giving our violin player back their music.It also seems to be an explanation for many of the ancient traditions that have used sound for healing and transformation - particularly those traditions that used mantras, chants, and tonal frequencies. The scientists seem to be more interested in working with machinery that can do this. It is very fascinating to use our very own organic and natural sound instrument - the human voice - as a vehicle for healing and self-transformation.

The sacred sound healing reveals to today's seekers how to tap into the gift and healing aspects of voice, resonance and music.

Sound Therapy - A Melody to Emotional and Physical Healing
Many people along the road, have been touched by James' melody and sound therapy.

James has made studies on how Sound could have a therapeutic healing effect on individuals- scientific physics explanations of how sound waves travels and combines it with the psychological aspects of emotional healing. He believes that all illnesses or physical ailments are caused from emotional issues that are trapped in the body system. He has discovered the method to use Sound to shatter the negative debris (energy) around our body (Electromagnetic Energy); in which builds up of debris in our body systems either from internal or external environment can cause our physical body to become sullied.

Sounds made from human voice, musics and musical instruments are just the perfect instruments to bring the body back into alignment on both emotional and physical level.

On a physical level, these techniques have been used to alleviate aches and pains, lower blood pressure and balance hyperactivity in children. Sound therapy works on the principle that everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibrations. The speed of this vibration will determine its frequency. When these frequency are applied on our bodies, we find that all the cells and even the various organs in our body also vibrate and resonate at different frequencies.

On a psychological and emotional level, sounds are able to bring calmness to our mind, triggers our subconscious level inducing altered states of consciousness, open new levels of awareness, stimulate intuition and creativity. Sounds are able to bring emotional healing of traumatic incidents that happened to us during our childhood or adulthood; our insecurity issues.

James has developed method of the 7 Color Sound Waves Therapy to work on our emotional aspects - each Color Sound Waves are represented by different emotional issues which causes energy trapped in the body system and hence the physical body reacts negatively.

James' Sound therapy and workshops teaches clients to go into the deep root of their emotional issues for the healing process to be successful on both emotional and physical level. For instance, take a stomach pain as a physical problem a client has - the client's state of physical pain could be caused by some emotional aspects such as anxiety towards themselves and we would further analyze even into deeper levels of how the anxiety came about. James' therapy has been proven to be a success for many case studies and many of his clients have seen a life-changing experience after their therapy with James. Students who has attended his 2-days workshops to learn more about Sounds and how sounds can be used to practice on themselves on daily basis; have found tremendous results!

James' has been traveling around Malaysia and neighboring countries extensively to spread his work and teaching. He conducts workshops for adults and children as well. He has used his techniques to help autism children and help children to reach out to their creativity and be more focus in their studies.

Recently, James' Sound Therapy has even gone further to the breakthrough of using Sound Waves for Facial Beauty! - how reduce to fine wrinkle lines, dark circles, puffy eyes and face lift using sound?

His Sound Therapy includes the following: -

a) Release emotional blockages, suppression, and emotional freedom.
b) Creates a gateway to self love,and self discovery
c) Harmonizes and aligns an individual’s energy system and heals distorted Bio Electrical Field around our body system.
d) Self realization of one’s life purpose.
e) Connecting to an individual’s inner child and inner self connection.
f)  Balances up the mind and emotions to spiritual clarity.

His Sound Therapy works on the aspects of Emotional healing as most physical ailments or illnesses are caused by emotion based issues. Clients will be able to experience emotional freedom and be touched by the melody of sounds.

In each session with his clients, he will deal specifically on the issue or interrelated issues that surface during the therapy. Each individual progresses on different level, and some may need more than one session to completely clear the issue.

He also practices and teaches Yoga and Pilates.

Private Session 
Energy Exchange: RM250 per session (approx 1-1.5 hr)

Upcoming Workshops


A) Workshop :- "Sacred Sound and Voice Therapy "
                           Level 1 & 2 (age from 15 and above)
    Date           :- 23rd & 24th April 2011 (Saturday & Sunday)
    Time          :- 10am - 6pm
    Venue        :- 7 Rays - Neo Damansara, Kuala Lumpur 
    Fees          :- RM 400 per person for each level (package    
                          discount level 1 & 2 = RM700)
                                ****Early Birds Sign Up Get 10% OFF from Package price!***


A) Workshop :- "Sacred Sound and Voice Therapy "
                           Level 1 & 2 (age from 15 and above)
    Date           :- 7th & 8th May 2011 (Saturday & Sunday)
    Time          :- 9am - 4pm
    Venue        :- TIMES SQUARE IN PENANG
    Fees          :- RM 400 per person for each level (package    
                          discount level 1 & 2 = RM700)
                                  ****Early Birds Sign Up Get 10% OFF from Package price!****


A) Workshop :- "Sacred Sound and Voice Therapy "
                         Level 1 & 2 (age from 15 and above)     Date           :- 28th & 29th May 2011 (Saturday & Sunday)     Time          :- 10am - 6pm     Venue        :- EVOLUTION - SINGAPORE     Fees          :- $ 300 per person for each level (package                               discount level 1 & 2 = $ 600)
                                   ****Early Birds Sign Up Get 10% OFF from Package price!***


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